Tuesday, March 11, 2014


At the end of my strength,
At the end of my life,
I looked up toward the skies,
Blood-red, an atrophied horizon,
Wondering if I may ever again rise.
I see them fighting hopelessly,
My doomed allies,
In agony,
Like the smoldering ruin of my world.
I can see His endgame,
Today is Judgment Day,
The end of everything we know,
The Ultimate Tribulation,
And I pray for what will never come,

~ Amado Romero

Friday, March 7, 2014


It is in the darkness of our lives,
That there comes a time,
Perhaps more than once,
Yet inexorably,
That we are turned to ash.

All that we know,
And all that we are,
Is torn apart and left afar.

It is in this time,
That we have a choice.

We can either,
Throw the ashes into the bottomless pits of despair,
Ending our story forever.

Or, we can throw them into the infinite horizon,
And arise from them once more,
Majestic, Resplendent, Reborn,
Like the phoenix of myth!

~Amado Romero
March 7, 2014

Monday, May 13, 2013

The thunder rolls.... insight into Koua

The rumbling of distant thunder sends shivers down my spine, my fingers tingle with excitement. I steady my breath, in out, in out, I tell myself, awaiting an onslaught soon to come.

We lock eyes and it begins, he summons his champion with its sword drawn ready for battle. I follow with calling upon the aid of an elf, as a breeze flows through the battlefield, the smell of fresh grass and wood fills the air. He sends his team, adding a shaman and a mauler to his swift attack. I muster a healer, trying to slow the slew of attacks. The healer swings and connects with the mauler making it disappear in a burst of light.

A human like ooze rises out of the ground next to my opponent, the stench of sludge making my stomach turn. I am hurt, my legs feel weak, I lean forward my body falls to the grass. In one last act of defiance, I gather the energy I have left to cast another spell. The ground around his feet erupts in flames as his minions turn to ash in the orange glow of the fire.

As I lay on the grass, I think to myself is this it? Have I journeyed so far, not to make it to my destination? Suddenly, I hear the thunder crack it returns me back to my senses.

A thunderous roar shaking my battered body, as I let out a sigh in relief my energy returns to my body, it has come. I feel the heat of its breath, singeing the hairs on the back of my neck, a whirlwind of flames scorches the field. The smell of burning wood and grass now fill the air. I push myself up slowly, my arms are heavy, my face covered in dirt and ashes, but here I am victorious. At my side is my dragon.

My name is Koua Yang, Magic the Gathering is my game of choice and I Game To Live, Live To Game.

-Koua Yang