Monday, May 13, 2013

The thunder rolls.... insight into Koua

The rumbling of distant thunder sends shivers down my spine, my fingers tingle with excitement. I steady my breath, in out, in out, I tell myself, awaiting an onslaught soon to come.

We lock eyes and it begins, he summons his champion with its sword drawn ready for battle. I follow with calling upon the aid of an elf, as a breeze flows through the battlefield, the smell of fresh grass and wood fills the air. He sends his team, adding a shaman and a mauler to his swift attack. I muster a healer, trying to slow the slew of attacks. The healer swings and connects with the mauler making it disappear in a burst of light.

A human like ooze rises out of the ground next to my opponent, the stench of sludge making my stomach turn. I am hurt, my legs feel weak, I lean forward my body falls to the grass. In one last act of defiance, I gather the energy I have left to cast another spell. The ground around his feet erupts in flames as his minions turn to ash in the orange glow of the fire.

As I lay on the grass, I think to myself is this it? Have I journeyed so far, not to make it to my destination? Suddenly, I hear the thunder crack it returns me back to my senses.

A thunderous roar shaking my battered body, as I let out a sigh in relief my energy returns to my body, it has come. I feel the heat of its breath, singeing the hairs on the back of my neck, a whirlwind of flames scorches the field. The smell of burning wood and grass now fill the air. I push myself up slowly, my arms are heavy, my face covered in dirt and ashes, but here I am victorious. At my side is my dragon.

My name is Koua Yang, Magic the Gathering is my game of choice and I Game To Live, Live To Game.

-Koua Yang

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