Friday, March 7, 2014


It is in the darkness of our lives,
That there comes a time,
Perhaps more than once,
Yet inexorably,
That we are turned to ash.

All that we know,
And all that we are,
Is torn apart and left afar.

It is in this time,
That we have a choice.

We can either,
Throw the ashes into the bottomless pits of despair,
Ending our story forever.

Or, we can throw them into the infinite horizon,
And arise from them once more,
Majestic, Resplendent, Reborn,
Like the phoenix of myth!

~Amado Romero
March 7, 2014


  1. This kid has some serious talent with words,if he does not at least tease the idea to persue this road (for the very least as a hobby) he will be doing the world a great disservice robbing us of his talents

  2. Joshua I totally agree with you! I have been on Amado for over a year to write! So glad to hear him finally start getting it up on the site! He is very talented! ~Lynn